Department of Chinese Language

Who we are

Department of Chinese Language Studies aims to produce professionals with all-inclusive knowledge of China’s past, present, and future in politics, economics, society, culture, and history. The curriculum is designed around practical, everyday conversational language use. After completing the first year of basic Chinese courses, students will learn from native speakers and engage in various learning environments including discussion, debate, and presentation. In addition, as measures to enhance Chinese proficiency and encourage cultural experience, we hold Chinese speaking contests and Chinese theater performances and facilitates international language exchange programs with sister universities in China (Sandong University, Jojang University, Okgae College of Education). Furthermore, we offer English and Japanese classes to give our students a competitive edge in the fast-paced, globalized information age. In the same vein, students are provided a selection of possible double majors that they may take with Chinese (economics, business administration, counseling psychology, management information system).

What we are looking for:

  • Individuals grounded on good character with a global mindset and many talents
  • Individuals grounded on good character with a creative mind and professional expertise
  • Individuals grounded on good character with knowledge and depth of the humanities as well as Chinese

Career options

Secondary Chinese school teacher (grade 2), branches of government such as Department of International Affairs, Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, researcher of Chinese research center, overseas sales representative for large corporations, publishing, broadcasting, airlines, Chinese language instructor, interpreter, translator, etc.

Last modified date : 2018.10.01