College of Future Convergence

  • Division of Computer Mechatronics Engineering

    The Division of Computer and Mechatronics is a new department that combines studies in software and computer systems as well as mechatronics including mechanics and electronics. Currently, by machinery, electronics, automobile and display are the leading industries in South Korea. It is expected that these industries will be converged with ICT centering on big data and artificial intelligence. Our faculty aims to educate outstanding individuals who can lead the new growth industry represented by ICT convergence.

    • Location
      제1실습관 401호
    • Phone number
      02-3399-1790, 1792, 1805
    • FAX
      02-3399-1843, 1804
  • Department of IT Convergence Engineering

    The Department of IT Convergence Engineering aims to cultivate qualified professionals who are optimized for the IT convergence industry (based on big data and artificial intelligence) in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution. We will develop basic application skills through coursework ranging from basic programming to practice. We will learn about machine learning and deep learning and strengthen industrial field adaptation capacity through industry-university cooperation projects and internships. Also, we will strengthen problem-centered data processing capability by utilizing big data. We will also learn how to improve development of creative intelligence systems and problem solving ability. Through such ICT convergence education, we teach the foundational IoT technologies such as networking, sensing, and embedded technologies to our students. Through all this, we aim to produce professionals equipped with relevant convergent ICT knowledge and experience for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    • Location
      제1실습관 305호
    • Phone number
Last modified date : 2019.03.20