Graduate School of Business Administration

Who we are

Thank you for visiting Sahmyook University Business School. The School of Business, Sahmyook University, focuses on developing management principles and leadership for the management of profit and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum focuses on ways for organizations to adapt to the rapidly changing organizational environment and management of the 21st Century. In particular, the Graduate School is committed to fostering business managers with Christian principles. To this end, all curriculum and coursework are made sense from a Christian vantage point. Hence, all learning reflects the Christian worldview.

  • To cultivate spiritual leaders who will change people and change the world.

It is an approach to interpret and apply the management principles of the organization based on the Christian worldview.

  • Develop a wide range of knowledge and expertise in various disciplines
  • Collaboration between interdisciplinary programs such as business administration, politics, economics, and management information science.
  • Develop special programs (special lectures, field trips, overseas studies, etc.) to cultivate the basic competencies required by managers and enhance managerial quality
  • Teaching-team instruction: teaching by full-time professors and experts with diverse expertise and experiences

Educational Philosophy

As an educational institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, SU’s mission rests on cultivating holistic intellectuals with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to help students lead meaningful lives, first, as happy individuals and, second, as people who make a difference in the world for fellow mankind and nature through love and truth. Ultimately, the mission is to impart God’s love that all may taste of the everlasting life freely given through Jesus Christ.

Educational Mission

Based on the educational philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we will provide a holistic Christian education that will bring about the harmonious development of intelligence, spirituality, and the body. Our aim is to produce professionals who are ready to cope with the fast-changing information age. These graduates, with respect for all life and a spirit of peace, will lead a rewarding life that contributes to the good of the nation and community. The purpose of this program is to nurture competent Christian leaders and professionals who are able to cope with the fast-changing information age in the global village.

Educational Goals

  • To cultivate leaders who explore Bible-based truths, uplift and practice Christian faith.
  • To cultivate creative professionals who acquire knowledge and apply it through critical analysis and discovery.
  • To train pioneers able to lead in the globalization and information age with international insight
  • To nurture holistic professionals with a harmonious constitution of mind, body, and spirit, who respect life and love peace
  • To nurture volunteers who contribute to the development of the nation and the world, pursue the common good of humankind, and practice social justice


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