삼육대학교 로고

U.I. Significance of the design

A circle as a whole symbolizes the universe and the Earth. At the same time, it symbolizes the completion of the creation and the union of the people of Sahmyook. The design shows the abilities of faculty at Sahmyook University, who lead the world in many different fields and guide with the goal of a better future.

What is UI

U.I. (University Identity) is a system of unifying the images of the university, and showing special qualities and true identity of school. U.I. within school ensures the school ideology and strengthens the solidarity of its identity. By enhancing the power of unity of the members, U.I. advances the efficiency of them. It enhances the school status in both long and short terms by delivering the desired image of the school uniformly.

Development purpose of the U.I

With 100 years of history, our school wants to cultivate students with Christian faith and knowledge. To prepare for various demands of the people of Sahmyook and the change in the university’s environment, the new U.I., Sahmyook University’s new face, was developed.

Expressing the image

The circle represents Sahmyook Education which is mental, spiritual, and physical education, in the Trinity composition. Three ovals meet with the circles representing environment life, forming a shape of a seed with new life. The futuristic triangle in the middle represents the school motto, truth, love, and service. It also aims for the eternal transcendent world. The color blue coming out of the middle symbolizes birth of life and environmental harmony. The light and royal blue symbolizes Sahmyook University’s traditional and future focused educational goals. The sapphire color represents God’s commandments and the clothing that people of Sahmyook must wear to obey God. The three vertexes of the triangle was formed by perfect circles, and is the mental (Menus), spiritual (Spritus), and physical (Corpus) education, or the whole-person education. If aims to cultivate transcendent people.

Symbol mark and application

  • 삼육대학교
  • 삼육대학교
  • 삼육대학교
  • 삼육대학교

Color System

Main Color

    CMYK 100/80/0/40
    PANTONE 295C

  • SAHMYOOK Dark Gray

    CMYK 10/0/20/90
    PANTONE 446C

Sub Color
  • SAHMYOOK Light Gray

    CMYK 0/0/5/30
    PANTONE Cool Gray 5C

  • SAHMYOOK Midium Gray

    CMYK 0/0/10/70
    PANTONE Cool Gray 9C

  • SAHMYOOK Silver
Last modified date : 2018.10.01