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SU newly establishes the Department of IT Convergence Engineering and Global Korean Studies

2019.03.04 views 234 000569

SU (President Kim Sung-ik) has established the Department of IT Convergence Engineering and the Department of Global Korea Department.

The Department of IT Convergence Engineering (department head Ryu Han-cheol) was established to train individuals in Big Data and IT convergence grounded on artificial intelligence. The goal is to produce creative IT professionals capable of converging various interdisciplinary fields of study.

Students systematically learn the basics from programming to hands-on practicum, whereby enhancing knowledge and skill of various areas. Machine learning and deep-learning are offered as advanced coursework. Students can also take advantage of industry-academia cooperation programs and internships to experience and strengthen on-site, hands-on work.

“Our goal is to teach students network, sensing, and embedded technologies, which are core technologies in Internet of Things (IoT), said Prof. Ryu. He continued, “In addition, we will include latest technologies such as wearables in our curriculum to produce creative professionals for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
The Department of Global Korean Studies (Dean, Um Young-chul) is a department that fosters international academics of Korea studies who are able to understand and promote Korea. Diverse theoretical training, cultural activities, field trips, internships, exchange programs, and hands-on training cultivate public relation experts of Korea and culture and language educators.

Korean students are offered advanced educational courses such as business planning, cultural planning, cultural information planning, cultural policy development, and cultural project planning for cultural institutions. International students are offered educational courses (i.e., Korean as a second language programs) that will enable the learner to become ambassadors of Korean culture and language.

After graduation, students may pursue careers as a tourist guide, cultural tourism commentator, travel product developer, convergence tourist coordinator, hotel concierge, curator, cultural art critic, cultural art planning and marketer, Korean lecturer, and Korean education contents developer.

Meanwhile, SU plans to continue investing in infrastructure of the new departments through funding campaigns such as “Glory Scholarship Fund”, “Glory Three Angels Scholarship Fund,” “Glory Education and Research Fund,” and “Glory Excellence Teacher Fund.”