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Retired professors help international students adapt to Korea

2019.03.04 views 402 000569

Retired professors have stepped up to the plate to help international students adapt to life in Korea. They have generously offered to open their homes and treat international students to a tasty Korean meal.

A group of retired professors took four Vietnamese students out to a Korean restaurant for lunch on the 24소. They talked about food and campus life. After the meal, they went to one of the professor’s home for dessert.

This all started a few years back with the proposal of Professor Ha Nam-ju, a retired academic of pharmacy. He saw the difficulty international students experienced due to cultural differences and decided to open his doors for a get-together. As soon as the news spread, more than 10 professors eagerly expressed their interest.

“International students rarely have the opportunity to visit Korean households. I want to break bread and share Korean “jung” and culture. Although it is just a small gathering, I will continue meeting with students to find out what their needs are and start a scholarship program,” said Lee Gi-gap, Professor of English Literature.

Hadoui Kai (28, Vietnam), who has been in Korea for six months, expressed gratitude for “the opportunity to learn about life and culture in Korea.”