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“Global Together” hold speech Contest with Korean mentors

2019.03.04 views 404 000569

On the 29th, the International Education Center, headed by Lee Gi-gap, held a “Global Together” speech contest for international students and their mentors.

As part of the ACE + program, the conference was designed to enhance the global competence of Korean students and facilitate the improvement of Korean fluency of international students.

Nineteen students from China, Vietnam, India and Mongolia participated in the competition. Korean students also participated in the preparation process. As mentors to the international students, Korean students helped improve pronunciation, word choice, and other areas pertaining to the Korean language.

The following were some of the topics discussed: Chinese culture found in the Beijing Olympic mascots, Mongolian communal culture, religions of India, and transportation in Vietnam.

The first prize was given to 1 team, second prize to 2 teams, and third prize to 3 teams based on topic, mentor-mentee communication, appropriateness of subject matter, applicability in the globalized world, Korean fluency and pronunciation, and presentation skills.

First prize went toe Xu Jiayu and Lee Ga-hyun (Sophomore, Chinese major), who presented on “yong sun” game on Chinese “Dan-go” holiday. The roles of the players are divided into drummer, rower, and helmsman. Despite having different roles, all three player chant together as they move towards a single goal. The message was that as in yong sun we must move forward as one in the age of globalization. It was well received by the audience.

“Thanks to the competition, I got closer to Lee, and my Korean got better, too. I’ll study harder to become a translator and act as a bridge between the two countries,” commented Jiayu when asked about the competition.
Lee, who participated as Jiayu’s mentor, said, “I was able to learn how to coordinate my ideas and interact with foreigners while preparing for the project together. I am happy I was able to become friends with Jiayu.”

Lee Gi-gap, head of the Global Education Center, expressed his plans to “revitalize various programs aimed at enhancing global awareness in Korean students and improving Korean proficiency and cultural understanding for international students.”