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“Certified Educational Globalization Competency University” Certification Renewed

2019.03.04 views 448 000569

Regulation and procedures on issuing and reviewing international student visas relaxed and simplified

SU, having met indices and core conditions of the Ministry of Education led initiative: “Educational Globalization Competency and International Student Survey”, has been re-certified as having less than 1% of illegal immigrants in its population. The certification stands until February 2021.

The Education Internationalization Competency Certification System evaluates international student procurement and management, and grants accreditation to excellent universities. The system is in place for quality control of higher educational institutions and promoting international student attraction.

Certification requires the following indices: the rate of illegal immigrants, and the dropout rate. Certification requires the following core conditions: foreign student tuition percentage, the rate of medical insurance, language ability, and the rate of dormitories provided.

SU received certification after a 4-stage process, which involved rigorous examination of core conditions, internationalization support, on-site assessment, and final committee decision.

The following are the benefits that comes with certification: simplified international student visa process, liberalization of graduate student selection, and receiving of preferential status when applying for GKS and other government grants for internationalization endeavors.

In addition, when international students explore possibilities, the certification will bring competitive value to SU as it will be listed as a government–certified institution of higher learning on domestic and foreign organizational sources.

“Efforts to enhance global competitiveness led to re-certification,” said Mr. Lee Gi-gap, Head of Global Education Center. “We will create a truly global campus where Korean and international students come together in moving into the globalized world.”