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Becoming a “global campus”: International students increase seven-fold in one year

2019.03.04 views 432 000569

“Glory Sahmyook” campaign lays foundation for international campus

Sahmyook University (President Kim Sung-ik) has recently become a global campus based on the rapid increase in international students.
The recent surge of international student influx has put Sahmyook University on the path to becoming a globalized campus.

The total international count is at 645, a seven-fold increase from the same period last year. Language school – 539 students. Undergraduate program – 28 students. Graduate program – 40 students. International exchange program – 38 students. The international student body is comprised of 16 countries including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Japan, and Brazil.

The recent surge can be attributed to the “Glory Sahmyook” project being run in celebration of SU’s 112 year history. SU is laying the foundation for a global campus through the fundraising campaign “Glory Sahmyook.”

Last year, SU completed construction of men and women’s dorms. Currently, Global Dormitory is under construction. With Global Dormitory completed next month, 1,500 more students will be able to live on campus. The plan is to attract 1,000 international students by 2020 and 2,000 in 10 years.

In order to boost global competitiveness, the bachelor’s degree system was restructured. The Department of Global Studies, a department that allows foreign students to study Korean culture, society, politics, and economics, was newly established. It will accept students starting this year. Also, SU has implemented a one-stop service system for international students’ academic management.

In recognition of this effort to raise international competitiveness, SU acquired IEQAS administered by the Ministry of Education last year. This greatly simplified the time and procedures for issuing visas for international students, and attracted many outstanding international students.

“A global campus–where Korean and international students boost global competitiveness through co-mingling together–will soon become a reality,” said Lee Gi-gap, the head of Global Education Center. Lee added that in order to make this happen SU will “strengthen education, management, and support for international students.”